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Organisational health and wellness

This division offers employers a comprehensive range of services that improve the status of employee health and wellness, and therefore translate into improved productivity.
The services offered by this division follow a well defined risk management methodology, which identifies and directly targets prioritised organisational health risks. In this way, clients achieve the highest return on monies spent.
Elixir believes in a holistic approach to manage health and wellness risks, and therefore designs and implements comprehensive and integrated solutions.

This division has long-standing employer clients from the banking and manufacturing sectors.




Healthcare Business consulting

This Elixir Division draws on broad and deep industry experience to assist medical schemes, and their service and product suppliers to optimise their strategic and operating activities.

Business consulting services include the development of strategy and business plans, performance improvement, business risk solutions and the structuring of optimum relationships between clients and their internal and external stakeholders. Services are based on best practice and are delivered within the context of prevailing regulations and competitive pressures. Consulting services incorporate research, analysis, solution design, and implementation management.

Facilitation and negotiation services are often supplied as part of the consulting service package, in order to build and implement solutions that require the support of external and internal stakeholders.
In the recent past, this division has secured contracts primarily with medical schemes, Life insurers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device suppliers, managed care companies and third party administrators.  

Healthcare Business consulting website



Medical scheme member administration and intermediary services

Elixir has an investment in Pinnacle Health Solutions (Pinnacle), a Medical Scheme Council accredited subsidiary that offers intermediary and administration services to employers and medical schemes.
Through a unique and effective relationship with Deloitte, Pinnacle is able to provide state-of-the-art call and contact centre services to assist employees who wish to become or who are already medical scheme members.
Pinnacle has secured and retained prestigious contracts with clients operating primarily in the government, parastatal and mining sectors.


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